Marilyn Monroe is the face for the new Max Factor campaign

The sultry red lips, the famous pout the peaches and cream skin, the intense eyes and the beauty spot, the famous Marilyn Monroe face is back on the hoardings. Renowned make up brand Max Factor, has chosen the fashion icon of the forties to serve as their “Global Campaign Ambassador”. One would expect the latest supermodel or a ‘new face ‘to be the brand ambassador for an ad campaign but it came as a surprise when Max Factor announced the timeless beauty Marilyn Monroe to be their face of the campaign. People believe it feels strange to see a face that is long dead and gone look at you from a magazine or a board. Max argues that her beauty is eternal and she epitomizes their products.

It was Mr Max Factor who transformed a simple Norma Jeane into the sultry and seductive Marilyn Monroe with the blonde hair and red lipstick et all at his Hollywood make up studio.

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So for all Marilyn Monroe fans, get ready to see more of your heartthrob in ad campaigns very soon.

[Via – Yahoo]

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