Climate activists blasted Taylor Swift for the hefty 178,000-mile flight log of her private jets, generating 1,200 tons of CO2 last year. Yet, there was barely a whisper when Jeff Bezos’s escapades on his $500 million Koru yacht belched out 496% more CO2 than all of Swift’s flights combined.

Via Instagram / @jeffbezos. Via Facebook / @Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is so swift, the woman managed to travel the equivalent of seven trips around the earth last year! This revelation, in exact numbers of 178,000 miles, was made by infamous jet-tracking college student Jack Sweeney. Despite a feud in February this year where the billionaire beauty threatened to sue the junior at the University of Central Florida, the 21-year-old has gone the extra mile to reveal a detailed account of the takeoffs and landings of the ‘Lover’ hitmaker, the cease-and-desist letter sent by Swift’s legal advisors no matter.

Sweeney is no stranger to rubbing high-profile celebrities, business tycoons, and Russian oligarchs the wrong way. He had a very public spat with Tesla boss Elon Musk, a tête-à-tête of a softer nature with Mark Cuban, and has been closely following the movements of the Kardashian clan. A video posted by Sweeney, with the help of Ground Control, revealed the 34-year-old singer-songwriter emitted 1,200 tons of CO2 in a year. In comparison, the average American was responsible for emitting 14.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide (tCO₂) in 2022. A typical U.S. household emits 48 metric tons CO₂e/yr.

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Interiors of the Dassault Falcon 7X. Image – Air Charter service

When it comes to bigwigs like Swift, there is nothing typical or ordinary. If she needs to make multiple trips during her Era tours from different corners of the world to see her beau, Travis Kelce, then that is exactly what the leggy lass did. The owner of two private planes managed the 178,000 miles and counting record despite having sold her $40 million private jet, a 1994 Dassault Falcon 900, in February this year. But that would not impact her ballooning carbon footprint as she still owns and uses an even larger plane, a 2009 Dassault Falcon 7X.

The Koru inspite of being a sailing yacht generates 7,154 tons of of CO2 every year.

While Sweeney’s video has brought a lot of attention to Swift’s travels across countries and continents, it is still a far cry from what centibillionaire Jeff Bezos is managing with his $500 million megayacht. The magnificent Koru, the world’s largest sailing yacht, emits more than 7,154 tonnes of CO2 every year according to researchers at the Indiana university. Not only is that six times greater than Swift’s carbon footprint, but it is the equivalent of 448 average Americans. Moving to the developing world according to data from Statista, the Koru is responsible for more carbon emissions every year than those generated by 3,760 Indians.

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The Abeona. Image – Diariode mallorca

If this was not enough, the 416-foot Mothership is usually accompanied by Abeona, a 246-foot-long support vessel. Abeona carries water toys and supplies and, most importantly, serves as a helipad for Bezos’ fiancée, Lauren Sanchez. According to Marinedieselspecialists, a vessel the size of Abeona would burn more than 500 gallons of diesel even when it is not moving.

Swift has a fandom that surpasses that of nearly every billionaire businessman in the world, ensuring that despite her smaller footprint, she remains the undeniable center of attention.

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