Virgin’s Branson to have his legs shaved for $650,000

Since this is for charity, we will let the feeling of thorough disgust pass us and allow individuals who can dig deep for $650,000 and shave Virgin Airlines’ Richard Branson’s legs. You read it right, friends, this is an actual piece of news, and if you have always had the urge to slit a billionaire harmlessly for being ridiculously insane, this is your chance. The idea sprouts up when AirAsia’s founder Tony Fernandes won a bet with Branson at the 2010 Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. He thought – great, I now have my chance to make Branson serve as a stewardess on my flight, and to comply with our flights’ grooming standards, he will need to have his legs shaven… by our esteemed guests’.

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The bidder must buy a ticket from London to Kuala Lumpur at the cost of $7,442, and the ‘leg-shaving auction’ will take place at a pre-departure event at Stanstead airport. There will be a total of 160 tickets available till April 24. Those who want just to board the flight to watch the fun will be entertained by street magician Sav the Deceptionist and a four-piece band featuring former Formula One team owner Eddie Jordan. So, any takers? Please let us know if affirmative!

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