Richard Branson’s Catamaran Necker Belle can be rented for $88,000 per-week

If you don’t have a place to keep the stuff you can buy, and you’re not planning to use it often anyway, you might as well take it up on rent. And if you’re eyeing a week on the high-seas, you can opt of the “Necker Belle,” the catamaran owned by Richard Branson, which is back from a complete revamp at the Azure Marine in Australia.

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The beautiful vessel can hit speeds up to 20 knots on course. You can entertain ten guests in its four suites and the main cabin lounge area and have a crew of up to seven members. The interiors of this and is 105 feet long vessel is done in the ‘beach-style’ on the same lines as Branson’s British Virgin Islands retreat.
While on-board this $88,000 per-week ride, don’t forget to enjoy the wine cellar and catch a flick on deck, thanks to the open-air cinema!

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