Richard Branson offers deep-sea adventures with the Virgin Oceanic

How can you set your sights higher and lower at the same time? Take a cue from Richard Branson. The billionaire business honcho and space explorer has now decided to dive to one of the deepest points of the Earth. Getting support from a fellow business person from Orange County, Chris Welsh, the two ambitious explorers showcased their 18-foot deep-sea submarine along with a proposed itinerary at Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The venture is said to be similar to the Virgin Galactic, Branson’s commercial space travel brand, and as many as 250 of his potential astronaut customers have show interest in exploring the deep blue sea as well.

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The project also has the backing of Katrina Edwards, director of the USC Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations. The first solo would be piloted by welsh, who plans to dive to the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, 36,200 feet under the sea. Once successful, with of the two will pilot the submarine to four trenches in the world’s other ocean bodies. After establishing the brand Virgin Oceanic, Welsh has brought together a team of scientists, engineers, and filmmakers for its maiden commercial voyage.

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