Branson sets his eyes on Mosquito Island for an eco friendly resort

Going the eco-friendly way is not only the right thing to do, but a trendy one as well. This is quite apparent from the fact that British tycoon Richard Branson has his heart set on providing the world with an extremely eco friendly resort. The location of this resort is on a small island located off the the island of Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean. The island is strangely named Mosquito Island and if the name is to be believed then I sure as hell wouldn’t be doing any vacationing there. You might call this island more or less desolate at the moment, but once Branson is done, it will be a top notch resort with 20 villas and a beautiful beachfront restaurant. If the lure of a lonely and peaceful island isn’t enough, think of the wind and solar energy that powers it.

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Not only will you be envied for flying off to the Caribbean, but also admired for supporting this eco-friendliness. Hopefully, I’ll get my chance to experience the environment friendly Mosquito Island resort someday.

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