De Majo’s $175,072 Quattro Stagioni is the world’s first asymmetrical gold plated chandelier

De Majo has been using elegant glass work techniques to craft one-of-a-kind custom chandeliers for a while now and the brand is showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, inspired by the Four Seasons of nature and crafted from Murano glass is like something out of an enchanted fairytale! The Quattro Stagioni (or Four Seasons) chandelier is a work of art laden with minute details and filled with elements of fantasy. The 3m high, 140 kg chandelier has four ‘levels’ and six arms on each level. Each arm features 3 bulbs or light points which add up to a total of 72 bulbs. The chandelier is crafted from 370 different Murano glass elements in varying colors, covered with 24 carat gold leaf.

de-majo-gold-chandelier-11The concept of the Four Seasons has repeatedly provided inspiration to artists and musicians throughout history. De Majo have chosen to interpret the concept in a unique way through the chandelier; each of its levels represents a season and feature delicate glass flowers and leaves. De Majo deliberately strayed from a traditional shape for the chandelier, opting for an asymmetrical design that would represent the cyclical aspect of the seasons. Elaborate croquelé techniques were used to create details for wintry ice and natural looking tree bark.

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de-majo-gold-chandelier-16Priced at € 151,250 or $175,072, De Majo’s Quattro Stagioni achieves pioneering status as the world’s first asymmetrical, 24 carat gold plated chandelier. Learn more about De Majo at

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