Ultima Jewelry offers 1/43 scale diamond-studded models of Lamborghini in gold and platinum

If your bank account stretches long enough to allow you to spend on lavish Christmas gifts for your friends, then here is the ultimate luxe gift for your car enthusiast friend. Ultima Jewelry has created some dazzling 1/43 scale model Lamborghinis that are sure to drive your car-loving friend wild. The model Lamborghinis are bespoke creations made in platinum and gold. The showstopper in this model line up from Ultima is definitely the Lamborghini Reventon model. The headlights are diamonds, and the taillights are rubies. The fully customizable model cars are not just limited to Lamborghinis. Other car models also are available. The silver models start at 25,000 Euros ($34,580) in silver, the Gold models start at 55,000 Euros ($76,095), while the platinum version starts at 88,000 Euros ($121,755). A bejeweled offering for car enthusiasts, it is truly a class apart.