Nero: A stunning new fireplace for your indoor and outdoor garden by Conmoto

Fireplaces offer the perfect setting for a post dinner coffee conversation. And you can pick from an array of fireplace options: a TV Fireplace, a Eco-friendly indoor fireplace or one outdoor, or a waterfall-cum-fireplace. To match it with your décor, you can pick a chic fire-place chest, fireplace hot seat, an opulent Swarovski-studded fireplace, a modern fireplace, a widescreen designer hearth or futuristic fireplaces . You can even club it with your media centers by getting rotating fireplaces or rotating fireplaces with a TV cabinet. You can even opt of an outdoor garden fireplace. But if you seem to be torn between an indoor or outdoor version, check out the Nero is the modern garden fireplace by Conmoto. It comes with two integrated drawers that hide the ash box, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

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Crafted in a combination of stainless and corten steels, the waterproof fireplace’s combustion chamber comes with vermiculite plates. The Nero is priced at $3,200 apiece.

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