Sugar Chair is the most expensive lollipop by Dutch Pieter Brenner

At one time, modern art made all the crazy stuff but nowadays it is something more tangible, like home interiors. If you are a fan of sweets and grew up with a massive poster of Willy Wonka on your ceiling, then this design by Dutch Wonka, Pieter Brenner, will make you beg, borrow, steal. The Sugar Chair, he claims, will be the biggest, most expensive lollipop for your living room at a staggering price of $11,000. He also claims that this is the world’s first design chair made out of pure sugar and is manufactured using 60 pounds of confectioner’s sugar.

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He mentions that it is strong enough to sit on but advices why waste the effect and instead just lick it, suck it, and crunch it. Why does this not sound so appealing?