The Crystal Dragon light…Puts up a spectacular show!

Everyone, rich or poor, could always do with some good luck. Here, though we are more concerned with bringing good luck to the rich. The Dragon crystal light is one such thing that may initially rip you off but the results could be very fruitful in the long run. The dragon is a very imperative part of Feng Shui, and having the Dragon crystal light in your living room means a lot of good luck is on its way. The crystal dragon light is made of full leaded crystal and there are 6 halogen downlights, which shine the light right onto the crystals which create a pattern of a dragon.

Apart from a big pocket, you also gotta have a house big enough to house this 6 feet long and 3 feet high dragon. It carries a whopping price tag of $3510 and somewhere down the line is worth the price for it is breathtakingly spectacular.

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