Lightning GT EV regales all at the London Motor Show

This sexy conjuration by some brilliant minds at Lightning works on lithium-titanate battery technology. This will enable the owner of the car to charge their batteries in barely anytime. Just that they need to find a source that will provide with three-phase industrial power. If this technology clicks for sure then we can expect such charging stations that can replace the ever-expensive fuel stations that claim half of our earnings. There is a lot more power in these as compared to Li-ion batteries and also a lot lesser time to charge them.

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As for the car in itself it is a complete drop-dead gorgeous beauty with a gleaming coat and a £120,000 ($239,328) price tag. Even if you have enough green bills to feed the cattle of Scotland you need patience to get this one. It is expected to be on sale sometime next year, that’s after the company manages to impress some businesses to sponsor such charging stations that can keep this car juiced up all the time.

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