A €40,000 diamond-studded hood to calm the falcon but excite the owner

The well-heeled are known to pamper their pets and shower them with diamonds to declare their love for them. Since the falcon is much admired and favored by Arabs, an Italian jewelry company Tiroler Goldschmied has designed diamond-studded falcon hoods to woo UAE’s wealthy falcon-loving folks. All set to be unveiled at the upcoming Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, these unique bejeweled hoods will add glamour to the falcons for a price. Ranging from about €5,000 to €40,000 ($6,500 – $53,400), each hood is handcrafted to maintain exclusivity. Ideally meant to calm the falcons, these ornamented hoods will also allow the owners to flaunt their wealth. After all, a (decked up) pet is an extension of the owner’s personality.

The process of making these hoods is time consuming and takes about a month’s time to shape out one precious hood. Though the company has kicked off this service a year back, till now they have just one Netherland customer on their client’s list. They are hoping to add many Middle East clients’ names on to this list soon.

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