Gone nuts for Gucci!

To what extent can your possessiveness take you? This is one in a million. A passenger has escorted off a Tokyo-bound plane in Hong Kong after she refused to put her Gucci handbag under the seat, disrupting the flight for more than an hour, a report said on Monday. The Cathay Pacific plane was ready to take off but was forced to stop on the runway because the young passenger would not listen to a flight attendant’s request. After 15 minutes of argument, police officers, airport security guards, and airline officials were called in to resolve the situation, but she still refused to give in, it said. After an officer threatened to arrest her, the unnamed passenger finally agreed to leave the plane with her Gucci handbag, much to the delight of her angry fellow passengers who clapped as she was escorted off.

.” It’s not my fault, it was they who were too stubborn,” she shouted as she was leaving. I am sure Gucci will be happy to sponsor her bags for the rest of her life.

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