Zenith’s Defy Xtreme Open

Designed like a racing car, the new Defy Xtreme Open makes a powerful statement with its muscle-bound chassis, its racy profile, and athletic build. Zenith’s Defy Xtreme Open features El Primero chronograph movement and a black titanium case with shock-resistant transparent Hesalite glass displaying the watch’s intricate internals. On the wrist it is impressive and compelling, thanks also to the watch diameter that is 46.5 mm. The original lines, avant-garde technology, and unique style of the Defy Xtreme Open make this the chronograph of the future.

Thanks to the combination of titanium, Kevlar, TR90, and a new alloy, Zenithium, it is indestructible and water-resistant to 1,000 meters. Its 4021 SX movement has been redesigned to meet the most extreme conditions. It offers power and modernity for those who live in the fast lane. Playing with light, the dancing, rotating luminous hands spell out the contained power of a high-speed harmonic caliber for future generations. It is to watchmaking what Formula 1 is to the automobile industry: focused high-tech at the service of pure emotion.

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