Lancôme unveils the pot of magic

Ask any woman her age and we’re sure you will get a sarcastic, annoyed stare in reply. Sophisticated etiquette ‘rules’ do not promote the idea of asking a woman of her age! More and more women along with quite a few men are taking extra steps to ensure that they age more gracefully than previous generations of Americans. As the largest beauty company in the world, L’Oréal is at the forefront of cosmetic research. Recently the company unveiled a new anti-aging molecule called Pro-Xylane that is said to work at the epidermal-dermal junction. According to Lancôme, older skin cells can be re-stimulated by Pro-xylane.

A compound derived from Eastern European beech trees, Pro-Xylane will hit British counters on October 16 in the form of a range of face creams- Absolue Premium Bx ranging form $152 onwards. So confident is Lancôme’s owner, L’Oréal, in Pro-xylane, that it is said to be planning to roll out the technology across its brands (Vichy will be next). Unusually, Lancôme gave Absolue Premium Bx a scientific launch before it’s unveiling to the beauty press, and the reaction from both was enthusiastic.

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