Nokia N93 Golf Edition appeals to the golfers

Freshly, Nokia has declared the availability of the Nokia N93 Golf Edition, a unique combination of the unmatched mobile video capabilities of the Nokia N93 multimedia computer with an exceptional golf application. This device is going to appeal to golfers who want to use the latest mobile technology to improve their game. It enables you to capture your golf swing, analyze and improve your game by split-screen swing comparison and other advanced analysis tools. Unfold and twist the main display, and the Nokia N93 Golf Edition is ready to shoot high-quality video and photos, with dedicated keys for shutter, zoom, and flash making it easy to capture those crucial moves.

The Pro Session Golf by Nokia application has a ready to use golf-tailored viewfinder that immediately captures a player’s swing from the correct angles and distances. Unlike current video analysis solutions, Pro Session Golf is portable and instantly usable with no additional cameras, cables, or computer needed. All that you need is already integrated into the Nokia N93 Golf Edition! Golf teachers and players alike can share ideas, swings, drawings, tips, lessons, and opinions, both face-to-face and remotely via e-mail and multimedia messages (MMS). The Nokia N93 Golf Edition will be available through selected golf clubs and Nokia dealers. The Nokia N93 Golf Edition includes a Nokia N93 phone, the Pro Session Golf by Nokia application, a 1GB miniSD memory card, a golf instruction DVD as well as a Get Started guide.

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