Louis Vuitton Neon Giant Square scarf

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with a lot of renowned artists to create the best of products that anybody would love to own: Cosmic flowers new leather collection, 2013 Travel Books and Tambour watch by Yayoi Kusama and Marc Jacobs, among many others. In a recent collaboration with British street artist Eine, Louis Vuitton unveils the Neon Giant Square, a design that includes bold letters in neon palette, forming the words: Great Adventures on a complete black background. The brand highlights images of a scarf that sports the design created by Eine.

Yes, the work by Eine could be given a thumps-up. We like the design and it looks quite trendy and bold. A design mainly dedicated to opulent travelers Eine says, that this design illustrates “how you feel, every time you get off a plane in a new city, it is the beginning of an adventure, all about new encounters.” The square’s generous size allows it to be worn in many different ways, while its luxurious silk georgette fabric is ideal for all seasons. It’s available at all Louis Vuitton stores for approx. $800

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Eine would also be designing Louis Vuitton’s new pop-up store, which will feature clothing by the brand.

[Via – Ilvoelv]