Nendo designs an unique cabin bag inspired by a tortoise

The Japanese company, Nendo, has designed a cabin size suitcase with a fabric cover that unzips from the top and rolls back to the side for the bag for easier access. The bag is called “Kame” which is the Japanese word for tortoise.

nendo-kame-2Like the shell of a tortoise, the Nendo’s case has a hard, lightweight polycarbonate shell and a soft front made of textile. The unique concept of this bag is that the Nendo’s Kame design features a horizontal groove two thirds of the way so as to allow the bag to be accessed even while it is standing unlike other bags that normally need to be laid down flat before trying to open it. The vertical indentations also allow the lid to be opened in tight places like a car boot. The lid is light and can be easily rolled onto one side which can be fastened with an elastic band when the bag is not in use. While the hard shell protects the contents, the soft front allows to bag to expand a bit if over filled. With a combination activated lock, two zipped mesh compartments this two wheeler is an ideal cabin size of 550 millimeters.

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nendo-kame-3Nendo has created the suitcase for the Italian brand luggage Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano, which produces the designs in orange, blue, green and white.


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