Samsonite Black Label by Viktor & Rolf collection for the stylish globe trotter

If you are a fashion-conscious globe trotter, having stylish luggage is a must. And Samsonite Black Label collaboration with Viktor & Rolf offers you just that. The two have teamed up to produce a fashionable range of luggage and accessories known as the Samsonite Black Label by Viktor & Rolf collection. Stylish, chic with a hint of playfulness, these bags are sure to become a rage among the fashion-conscious elite class. The design has been inspired by the 1960’s golden age of travel, and a fun twist has been added by the unique prints and patterns like airplanes, large bows, and oversized hardware. Retro yet contemporary, these bags were launched exclusively at Colette on February 10.

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A collection to die for, these bags will definitely help you win the title of the most fashionable person!

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