Ralph Lauren’s new fragrance collection is an olfactory journey to his favorite destinations

Known for offering a luxurious take on the all-American style, Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand in the world of fashion. With Ralph Lauren Collection, the brand has successfully created a lasting olfactory legacy as well. The collection features 10 fragrances that truly capture the essence of the Ralph Lauren brand.

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The fragrances are inspired by different locations that have served as a source of inspiration and pleasure to Ralph Lauren; the fragrances’ names provide a hint about their origins. Riviera Dream, Legacy of English Elegance, Song of America, Portrait of New York, and Treasure of Safari are some of the fragrances that have been created using artisanal techniques and the finest ingredients. White lily, vetiver, lime, orange flower, rose, white tea, sage, magnolia, amber, and oud are some of the scents spotlighted in this collection.

“Different ways of living have always inspired me,” said Lauren, “My new collection fragrances are the sensual expression of these worlds in the most personal way. They evoke the spirit of what I’ve loved for almost 50 years.”

While each 100 ml fragrance can be purchased individually for $140, the brand has created an exquisite traveling trunk to hold one of each of the ten fragrances. The $3,900 calfskin trunk can be repurposed or used to transport your precious cargo of fragrances when you take a vacation. The ivory case also features a lock identical to the one used on Ralph Lauren’s Ricky handbags. This is a veritable wardrobe of fragrances that no perfume lover should have to do without.

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