The Raindance Rainmaker in your Bathroom

Hansgrohe has done it again; this time around they are out to pamper you with the soft pitter-patter of the raindrops. The Raindance Rainmaker is a shower fitting that is almost two feet in diameter and so two people can enjoy the luxuries of this shower together. Putting naughty thoughts aside, the Rainmaker has four mood lights and can work in two different air spray modes and can be hung from the ceiling. In the Rain Air mode, water flows gently, and with drops of air giving you a soft and sensual spray. The Whirl Air mode gives you an intense massage as the air accelerates the jets of water to create a massaging effect. All this makes me think that the next time I need a walk in the rain; I’m not going to wait for the monsoons, but instead hit the showers!

The Raindance Rainmaker is expensive; it will cost you about £2153.30 or $ 4210.10

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