TOTO’s Ryohan Suite generates lasting waves

Uerukamu (welcome) to the Zen gardens of Japan! Hold on, we are not talking about the flora-fauna variety. We are discussing The toilet. The commode. The john. The loo. The porcelain throne. Za Suisenbenjo (in Japanese). No matter what you call it, it is inevitable that we come to discuss this device because every home has at least one. But more importantly, we’ll discuss this toilet because it is a sophisticated, elegant, dramatic, technological marvel. Enthused by the Zen gardens of Japan, Toto’s new Ryohan Suite brings tranquility into your bathroom. Ripples on the toilet, ripples on the lavatory…ripples all around aims at the synchronization of these bathroom fixtures with precision and grace. With just one glance, the Ryohan suite’s gentle waves will have you feeling more at peace. The line includes a lavatory, a sensor faucet reminiscent of bamboo reeds, and a toilet that uses the manufacturer’s Double Cyclone Flush Engine.

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The toilet’s large lid is molded into a shelf to store toiletries, tissues, or other bathroom necessities. Its ergonomic seat is positioned at the Universal Height for effortless rising from a sitting to standing position. The Ryohan lavatory is Sana-Gloss glazed and is 4” in depth. The Ryohan EcoPower sensor faucet doesn’t require hard-wiring to an electrical system and is completely self-sufficient – it generates and stores its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. Triggered by pulsating infrared light, the Ryohan faucet has another amazing feature – it records its own daily usage for a full week; then, during periods of infrequent use, it automatically reduces its infrared pulse frequency to conserve electricity. And as it saves water too, its Eco- friendly.

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