Gold plated earphones by Happy Plugs will cost you $14,500

Planning to buy the new champagne gold iPhone 5S or even the more exclusive actual 24 CT gold plated iPhone 5S, then why settle for the stock boring white headphones that come along the package. A Stockholm-based company named Happy Plugs has come up with 18 CT gold earphones that’ll raise the exclusivity of the handset by a notch higher.

Unlike the other gold plated headphones we have seen in the past which come in distinct styles and embellished with diamonds in some cases, Happy Plug earphones look pretty much stock except the ridiculous price sticker on it. It costs a whopping $14,500, which makes it one of the priciest headphones we have ever seen. At that price you can grab a couple of gold plated iPhone 5S’.

The crazy price tag can partly be justified as each earbud is made out of 25 grams of 18 CT gold, which is 50 grams of gold in total. That’s one really heavy set of earphones, or should we rather take it as proper jewelry. But the good news is, if you don’t want to spend a fortune to get a gold earphone, the Swedish company also offers a gold-colored earphone which costs only $30.

[Available at Happy-Plugs]

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