Drive away the blues with The Robotic Lawnmower

Mowing the yard has to be the most hated chore that mom dishes out her teenage kids. Once they are gone, dad has to take on the responsibility to churn out perfectly manicured lawns lest mom goes into a mad frenzy and denies him access to the TV remote! To end such misery its best to get them the Robotic Lawnmower. Giving you a helping hand, this mean-machine can chomp out 5,400′ sq.of grass on a single charge. Precisely manicured lawns are no longer a dream, just program this lawn buddy and watch him do the work for you. What’s more, the mower’s three blades rotate at 5,800 RPMs, that’s twice the speed of typical gas mowers. It cuts a 21″ wide path as the mower “autonomously circumnavigates the yard.” It simultaneously sows small grass clippings across the lawn for natural fertilization.

The Robotic Mower cuts grass at eight different heights (from 1″ to 3 1/4″) and is able to detect ambient moisture thus it returns to its docking station during rainfall. The unit automatically shuts off when lifted in the air offering complete safety. It costs $1,999.95

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