Plaza creates a record

When news broke out about the new plans for the Plaza hotel to reopen in 2006 with 200 condos and 150 hotel rooms as well as a multi-level luxury department store is set the buzz stirring. And now that’s obviously passé what we hear is that the iconic hotel has set A New York Record. According to a source, an apartment at the newly-refurbished Plaza Hotel has gone to contract for at least $50 million, which quite easily makes it the biggest apartment sale ever in New York City. And you wouldn’t be able to digest the new perks that are in the offering… “One touch, high resolution, the wireless flat-panel display provides each resident with a fingertip array of concierge and security services,” says the Plaza’s Web site, “as well as the ability to simply and elegantly control the interior ambiance of their apartment.”

One-touch ambiance will surely be a hit because, according to the New York Post, the Plaza has already lured real estate kingpin Harry Macklowe (he paid around $35 million); Bear Stearns C.E.O. James Cayne, and race-car mogul Flavio Briatore (both around $25 million); Tommy Hilfiger (under $18 million); and synthetic-faced Jocelyn Wildenstein (under $10 million). I think the only question throbbing everyone’s mind is…who the hell is this stinking rich buyer?

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