MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is the world’s most luxurious Laptop

I could see it coming. In fact, when the World’s most expensive TV surfaced from Stuart’s universe, I was wondering why the bling-king hasn’t touched upon a laptop yet. Wonder if Stuart read my thoughts! However, I am sure the mastermind was already working on enchanting all the geeks, especially MacBook users, with the World’s most luxurious Laptop. Designed by Stuart Hughes, MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is heavier in weight as well as price. A large chunk of two and a half kilograms of Platinum sits atop the front of the laptop. Apple’s logo, in Platinum too, is highlighted with 25.5 sets of ‘I’F’ Flawless 53 diamonds. The rest of the body is balanced off with a fine-looking polished Aluminum finish. Priced at £139,995 (almost $210,000), this bejeweled MacBook will be available in a limited edition of ten only. Jazz up work time with the diamond-studded Platinum MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition!
Thanks Stuart

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