Nokia’s Vertu strives to meet high demand

Luxury has crossed all limits and so has the cell phone that comes under the luxurious category. Nokia’s exclusive luxury brand, Vertu is a classy, high-priced mobile aimed for people who desire to make a unique style statement. Cased in precious metals such as platinum and gold and boasting features such as a sapphire crystal screen and jeweled bearings under each key, Vertu phones are handmade to “set the standard for exquisitely crafted, high quality, luxury mobile communication.” Official news is that Vertu has seen strong demand this year and is under pressure to increase production to keep up…WOW! The phones may be incredibly expensive, but sales are expected to double this year and the company anticipates that that pace of growth will remain. To make it even tougher to keep up, the unit is launching a new phone next month which is estimated to be a hot seller.

Though Vertu doesn’t report their results separately from their parent company; it is definitely a different game than the mass market. Nokia will sell about 330 million phones this year at an average price of $130, while Vertu will sell ‘tens of thousands’ of phones, and you can easily pay over $5,000 for one.

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