Perfect for your man cave – A $2,799 handmade gaming monitor that plays all retro games, from NES to Playstation

In the world of video games, retro classics have become hugely popular in the last few years. Not only popular classic games keep resurfacing on the internet via emulators but also brands like Nintendo, Sony and Sega are cashing on this growing trend by announcing the return of their classic gaming consoles. However, Swedish artist and craftsman Love Hultén has gone one step ahead created possibly one the best retro-themed gaming set-ups. Promising a complete nostalgia-fueled experience, Hultén’s creation is a handmade masterpiece called Yesterday Vision, which is inspired by the midcentury monitor enclosures. The mahogany wood enclosure houses a 19″ 4:3 monitor, which features a custom screen configuration to mimic the curvature and distortion of a CRT monitor from that era.

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The Yesterday Vision also comes with full-range loudspeakers along with a built-in Raspberry Pi computer that emulates gaming systems like the SNES, NES, Genesis, NeoGeo, MAME, Atari 2600, N64, and PSX. It also has HDMI connection for external devices such as a laptop, modern gaming consoles and more. Although, it can connect up to four different controllers via Bluetooth, customers can order a set of two wireless hardwood arcade controllers for the complete retro gaming experience. It’s not the first time Love Hultén has created unique and fun gaming machines. In the past, he created a portable R-Kaid-R with an arcade joystick and buttons, and also the Pyua – a Nintendo “shrine” with a bubble dome. The Yesterday Vision is available to purchase on Hultén’s website for $2,799.

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