Samsung returns to trolling iPhone fans with its latest Galaxy commercial

The feud between Samsung and Apple has been going on forever; there aren’t many corporate rivalries bigger than the one between these two technology giants, constantly vying for absolute dominance of the smartphone market. The South Korean company, which loves to mock Apple, hasn’t quite attacked Apple directly for some time. However, with the launch of the iPhone X, Samsung is up to its old antics again. Samsung’s new Galaxy commercial tolls every generation of the iPhone we have seen in the last decade by suggesting that the Cupertino based company has been playing catch-up all this while.

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The advert follows a young man through the years as he meets and falls for a young woman, and along with their blossoming relationship the commercial focuses on how his iPhone is inferior to her Samsung Galaxy and Samsung over different generations of both the smartphones. The video begins by poking fun at the Apple fans standing in massive queues to get their phone, and goes on to mock the puny onboard storage, small screen size, lack of water resistance, and Apple’s ridiculous dongle for a 3.5mm headphone jack. The funny commercial ends with a not-so-subtle dig at the new iPhone X’s notch. To add salt to the wound, the video is titled “Growing Up” to troll the iPhone fans. Check out the video and tell us what do you think about it?

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