Samsung’s new 70-inch LCD features local LED backlighting

We are impressed with Samsung, their speed at innovation, and churning out technologies keeps the competition on toes. Their new LCD TV has quite a few aces and will surely shine. The breathtakingly new 70″ LCD TV (with 1080p) features selective local LED backlighting and it’s the first commercial Full HD TV with this spec. Essential with this feature the TV can automatically turn off the LEDs in dark areas of the image hence bringing out the deep colors and highlighting the 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It also reduces the power consumption “by as much as 50%” claims Samsung. Flicker and ghosting are eliminated by the implementation of LED scanning, in which “LEDs are rapidly shut off in sequence.”

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If you are impressed with the specs of this model then you need to wait till Samsung comes out with new versions where the technology will adjust the backlighting dynamically over finer surfaces. This new Samsung has been introduced in Korea for the time being and will be sold around the world during the second half of the year.


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