Samsung’s new LED cinema screen with support for HDR and 4K is perfect for private theatres

Along with the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which has been grabbing all the news, Samsung has unveiled its brand-new ‘Cinema Screen’ specifically designed for cinema theaters. The Korean brand boasts a sizeable market share in the television sets segment, but with this latest initiative the company is making a big move into the movie theatre industry. Samsung says the projector units in the theatres cannot match the high resolution and dynamic range of the new LED TVs and the company’s new cinema-sized LED display wants to bring both 4K and HDR to the big screen. As the first-ever theater-sized High Dynamic Range LED display, Samsung’s Cinema Screen promises “unprecedented picture quality” with “higher vibrancy and accuracy” than anything your eyes have previously seen.

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While commercial cinemas might be a little reluctant and slow to adopt the change from projector screens to LED displays for their theatres, the Samsung Cinema Screen seems perfect for private theatres. Users will be able to enjoy the same level of eye-popping clarity offered by their ultra-high definition TVs on a much larger scale. Measuring 34ft (10.4 m), it is a direct-lit LED display, which means the LCD panel is illuminated by rows of LEDs behind it. Peak brightness hits a high of 146 foot-lamberts (fL), which Samsung says is 10 times the level a standard cinema projector is capable of, though it’s yet to officially earn that certification. While there is no mention of the pricing yet, the company is debuting the new movie display in a series of demonstrations between March 27 and March 30 in theaters at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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