Sony HES-V1000- 200 Disc Blu-ray Changer

Making a splash in the Blu-ray world is Sony with its HES-V100. HES or Home Entertainment Starship V1000 is a huge baby that features 200 Blu-ray (or CD/DVD) disk changing capacity. It can also write to 25GB Blu-ray Disc media, or even burn DVDs and CDs. It has a 500GB hard disc drive for burning home movies, digital music, and photos (137 hours of video, 2,000 CDs, or 20,000 digital photos). The foxy thing even has an Ethernet connection for access to All Media Guide (AMG) metadata. It provides wireless music streaming to Sony CPF-IX001 wireless streamer or other DLNA devices including PlayStation 3 (up to ten devices with four independent audio streams). Other functions include x-Applications: x-Pict Story HD and x-Scrap Book automatic photo slide shows.

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Sony HES-V1000 sports an Xross Media Bar (XMB). It will be available in stores by this Fall for $3,500.

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