The Sonic Chair for complete acoustic absorption!

Imagine yourself sitting in your own bubble immersed in a sea of unique audio experience…..away from the rest of the world! Sounds too good to be true? The Sonic Chair is here to make your wish come true. No headphones….no hi-fi speakers…..just a Sonic Chair will do! It gets you into the music because this cylindrical, hollow speaker lets you literally sit inside it. Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audiobooks; the precise arrangement of the integrated satellite speakers will provide maximum listening pleasure. The speakers are encased in a carefully crafted body that creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones, while two body-focused sound generators, in the seat and the backrest, further augment the lower frequencies – recreating the feeling of a live performance. Background noises will not disrupt the enjoyment of music or an audiobook in the sonic chair and what you choose to hear is hardly audible beyond the chair! The chair includes a variety of input jacks for iPods and Xboxes….all you got to do is just plug the device in. more images after thte jump…..

Furthermore, you can choose your Sonic Chair to come with a variety of colors and materials, including suede microfiber, man-made leather, polyurethane coating, and other fabrics to suit your den’s décor. The pedestal is made of stainless steel and the sealing ring can rotate up to 350 degrees. Regardless of where this sonic bubble is placed, it’ll provide both exceptional listening pleasure and a unique ambiance. No word on availability or pricing yet but I’m sure it is gonna make you dig deep into your pockets.

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