A Chinese Mall builds unique ‘Husband Pods’ where wives can drop off their spouses while shopping

The idealistic situation is when your husband or better half gladly accompanies you on your shopping sprees, offers to pick the bags and helps you scan and choose through zillion options, all while wearing the cutest smile on their faces. But, perfection like this is a hard chase. Hence, here to help you maneuver around the shopping situations is a mall in China that has recently built unique husband pods, that can keep your spouse happily occupied while you shop.

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We are talking about the Global Harbour in Shanghai that has recently installed a series of glass cubicles or ‘husband storage pods’ where wives can ‘drop off’ their husbands and carry on shopping without interruptions. These pods come with a TV screen, a keyboard and gaming consoles, all built specially for male counterparts. The area is fit for watching TV, playing fun video games as well as listening to music, the best part of it all being the leisure of skipping the long and boring shopping sessions!

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The pods or ‘Private Lounges’ are currently accessible for free but may soon be charged a nominal fee and a QR code access. Those who have used this unique service in Shanghai have mixed review to give with some even calling it sweaty and uncomfortable. We on the other hand only think of these Husband storage cubicles as a smart and super fun idea!


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