This 3D printed Death pod lets the user die in a high tech and luxe way

A pro-Euthanasia campaigner by the name of Philip Nitschke recently unveiled a unique way of dying for those who are willing to give it all up in comfort. The Austrian humanist has put in years of research and skill to develop what is being touted as a ‘Death Pod’ or a device that slowly relieves you of all life with the help of a nitrogen-induced chamber.

Christened as Sarco – or short for sarcophagus, the device can be 3D printed and is designed to have a reclining seat and a color-matched base that contains flasks of liquid nitrogen. It has been made with the aid of Dutch industrial designer – Alexander Bannink and was recently showcased at an Amsterdam funeral fair wherein visitors were able to virtually test the device first hand. However, to be able to use it successfully, patrons will have to pass an online test to confirm their mental fitness, after which they can push the button on the pod to breathe their last. When commanded into action, Sarco will release Nitrogen inside the cushy chamber that will make the user both giddy and euphoric before passing away.

Commenting on the device, Nitschke in a statement said, “You can tow it off and have it overlooking the Alps or the lakes. When you’re ready you say goodbye, use the code to get in, pull down the canopy, press a button and you die in a few minutes. It’s a very peaceful death.” Nitschke’s Sarco is expected to be released in Switzerland (a country that supports assisted suicide) by the end of the year.


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