Even the Jetsons did not think of this – This personal pod concept is a sleek carbon fiber sphere that can take two passengers on land, water and even the sky.

Stop promising your loved one the moon and stars and take them on the journey of a lifetime on the mindboggling creation by Pierpaolo Lazzarini. His newest design is called Stratosfera, and it’s an ultra-light carbon fiber sphere that can travel on water, land, and in the sky.

It’s perfect for two people who want to explore the many bounties of our beautiful planet and also capacious enough. The sphere’s diameter is 1.65 meters and can accommodate two passengers for a unique and wonderful journey. An extendable foil mounted in the lower part of the sphere allows Stratosfera to function in the water. It is equipped with a self-balancing system and twin 150 hp electric jet engines to fly above the water surface with estimated speeds up to 30 knots. Not only this, so superior is the technology of the amazing Stratosfera it can give Alladin’s flying carpet a run for its money. The cockpit compartment can be modified to the Stratosfera ‘volatile’ mode for different mobility solutions that flies at 250 km/h eVTOL or conformed to a solar-powered flying balloon.

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Passengers can access Stratosfera conveniently from a front sliding glass or through a rooftop gate opening. The company jet capsule aims to launch Stratosfera by mid-2022. They have already developed the chassis to be adapted for water, land, or sky use and develop other variants such as submarine or snowcat.

[Via: Designboom]

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