Underbed Lift literally hides your Plasma TV……under your bed!

Surprise your wife like a true Bond hero! Take her to your bedroom and ask her to perch comfortably on the middle of the bed….or else she may fall down out of surprise. Be all set to video-record her reactions when out of the blue she sees a flat-screen emerging out of the base of your bed. “OH MY GOD”! This Underbed Lift is designed to hide the flat-screen TV under your bed on a frame. Only when you’re ready to watch, just get it out. Presented by MK-1 Studio, “Underbed” plasma raising mechanism can hold a 50-inch PDP under a king-sized bed with just eight-inches of clear space required. And, that’s not it, besides, a large screen, you can even get a complete entertainment set up built right-in your bed, complete with a DVD / VCR player, subwoofer, and seven channels of surround sound. The plasma panel deploys in under 45 seconds and the mount can be rotated for different viewing angles. Watch the spectacular video after the jump…..

And, just in case, you don’t have a king-sized bed, then they have a 42-inch display with all the aforementioned goodies for your queen- sized bed!

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