What if Audi made a computer keyboard?

With our lives becoming more of a virtual reality than ever, efforts are continuously being taken by experts in every domain to spice up our cybernetic existence. On a similar quest is German automobile marquee – Audi, that recently tied up with acclaimed industrial and product designer- Jarim Koo for creating an exquisite peripheral for your PC.

Christened as the Audi Layer, the multipurpose PC device provides a 4 in 1 functionality in a sleek avatar. The elegant piece comes with a flat trackpad that doubles up as a tablet when the stylus at its core is activated. If, however, touchscreens don’t make the cut for you, you can rely on the device’s well-engineered keyboard that slides right out with the trackpad. Further, this unique peripheral also houses a luxe mouse with the Audi branding proudly emblazoned on it. Even with all its components tucked in, the Audi Layer continues to look like a thing you would have on display, rather than having it put away in a safe.
Koo’s design is futuristic in all means and lives up to the brand’s image of offering simplistic luxury like none other. With devices like this one, Audi Designs is taking a huge leap in the world of technology that will certainly be solicited by many. Though it’s the price is yet to be revealed, this matt grey Audi layer looks every bit like the tech accessory you would want to blow up your savings on!





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