Windows XP MCE remote control from X10

Be in total control of your PC and that too from up to 10 meters away. This handy tool is none other than the Windows XP MCE remote control from X10. Promising to become your arm extension because you can control the DVD drive and CD drive of your PC. This is good, ‘cause you don’t need to go to the PC to just turn down the volume! Navigating between Live TV, Record TV or the DVD drive is quite easy, navigate in their specific menus at the touch of a button. You can control the digital TV, as you would do with your normal TV, hence you feel comfortable using this baby. . It uses RF as opposed to IR, which is commonly used in other devices in its class, offering a better range without requiring a line of sight.

What a shame that they have not yet launched it in the States and it is available in the European market for €20 (~$ 25).

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