Worth the Hype? – Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10

Porsche and Huawei have partnered to create the impressive new Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10- a cutting edge smartphone that combines Porsche Design’s aesthetic craft with Huawei’s mobile engineering expertise. Features of the phone include the pre-installed real-time AI Accelerated Translator that instantly translates text, voice, conversations, and images into 50+ languages across devices; Easy Talk technology which allows even soft sounds and voices to be heard clearly at the other end of the call; a screen with a 3D curved glass design, large almost borderless FullView and smudge-proof finish; and a Battery Management system that which learns from the user’s behavior and intelligently allocates resources, combine to avoid power-wastage and maximize battery life.

On the design side the device sports a unique front and back cover design are entirely encased in strong glass. The classic black color is a timeless and elegant choice for any user. A user interface specially developed by Porsche Design is available in two versions. The device is presented in a Porsche Design luxury leather case.

Mate 10 Pro boasts 6GB RAM and 256GB ROM and an AI processor and machine learning. Honestly, the inflated ROM capacity is the only real upgrade here. If you’re excited about the brand partnership and are a huge Porsche fan, you might get a kick out of owning this phone. For everyone else, the €1,395 ($1650) price tag is way too high for a device that is relatively ordinary.

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