Dream job alert! This wine company will pay you $10,000 per month plus rent to work in Sonoma

Would you like to work out of a beautiful winery and get paid to sample the best of spirits? If that sounds like a deal that you cannot deny, head over to Murphy Goode’s website and apply for the ‘dream wine job.’

The Sonoma County-based winery is searching for candidates who are willing to work rent-free from their premises for lucrative pay (read $10k per month). The job also entails a year’s supply of Murphy-Goode wine on the house and is open for patrons above 21 years old who can legally work in the United States.

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The job description (as posted on the company’s website) reads: “We have a job that will instantly catapult you into the wine stratosphere. Have you always wanted to live in breathtaking Sonoma Wine Country…with a $10,000 per month salary and rent-free for a year? Looking for a change in your career and to pursue your passion? Do words like Cabernet, Rosé, and Chardonnay roll off your tongue?”

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In addition to wine duties, the job will also (presumably) include “pivoting your career/life to create an adventure of a lifetime in the wine industry, acquiring strong knowledge of vineyards, winery operations, and wine in general,” and “learning the growing and dynamic world of E-commerce.”

Applications for the ‘dream wine job’ at Murphy Goode are open until June 30, 2021. If interested, head over to the website and submit a video resume before the deadline. It beats working out of a cubicle any day – doesn’t it?

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