Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle gets smart now interacts with cellphones

There’s a lot that sets a bottle of Johnnie Walker apart from everything else. The world renowned brand now gets yet another push up the ranks, thanks to a very special “smart” Johnnie Walker bottle by Diageo. The smart Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle enables buyers to use their smartphones to detect if it has been opened yet or not. Venky Balakrishnan, global vice president of digital innovation at Diageo said to USA Today, “Until recently, a bottle has been a container for liquid. We see the possibility for the bottle to do something much more before, during and after purchase.”

On opening this bottle, a digital message is sent to the buyer’s smartphone. The prototype of this technology-advanced bottle will show up at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For now, Diageo doesn’t plan to bring this one to store shelves, though we do expect to see it on sale soon. “People are increasingly expecting more out of their devices. When the environment our are bottles are in gets more intelligent, our bottles have to rise to that level of intelligence,” stated Balakrishnan. To bring this bottle to life, Diageo partnered with a company named Thinfilm Electronics. The bottle uses sensors to detect nearby smartphones and transmits messages to these devices remotely.

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[Via – Yahoo]

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