Businessman replaces metal fence with a 50 feet aquarium for his villa

We sure have seen houses and villas that have been built in unique and innovative forms and shapes. But this is the first that we’ve come across – a metal fence replaced by a 50-meter long aquarium. Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu, a successful businessman and topographical engineer from Turkey, has built around his villa in Çeşme, Izmir, one of the most attractive fences, which holds over a thousand types of aquatic life which include fishes, sea breams, sea bass, mullets, eels, and octopuses, making it an aquarium truly mesmerizing to watch.

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It was eight years ago that Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu was struck with the idea of replacing his metal fence with a giant aquarium full of marine life from the nearby Aegean Sea. He first had the transparent structure built and then completed the task by linking his aquarium to the Aegean sea through a 400-meter-long buried pipeline. This was done so that the water could be changed continuously to keep the aquarium looking clean and its inhabitants happy. The entire setup burned approximately a 40,000 Turkish Lira ($21,000) hole in Mehmet’s pocket. Nonetheless, the owner is content with his creation, and more so, when he sees thousands of visitors flock near his home to get a closer look at the “aqua-fence.”

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Mehmet has also taken safety precautions to make sure no one gets too close. He has installed a surveillance network of 17 cameras with a facial recognition system. Although visitors are free to click pictures and videos, getting too close would set off an alarm.







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