Flowery Power Plate by Kenzo Takada to brighten up your fitness routine

It seems unbelievable that this is the age of fitness revolutions when we look at how the menu at Mcdonalds has super-sized, but it is. Take a look at this Power Plate fitness machine that is designed by a Japanese named Kenzo Takada. Apparently, this fitness system is going to revolutionize the world of fitness and training. It works on vibrations that help realize new levels of health, fitness and performance. I don’t know if this is anything new, because the gym I go to has a similar machine. The only difference is that the one I’ve seen is far more tastefully done. This is nothing but an eye sore with a garish and loud mixture of pink, blue and green flowers against a backdrop red gloss. Apparently, this will brighten up a dull training routine. The Power Plate is a limited edition that was recently launched in Paris. Its price is set at $10,900.

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At that price, at least make it more appealing to the eyes.