Paul Cocksedge Studio surprises with its 93 kg extraordinary marble bookmark

While the world may be witnessing great progress, some of us keep technological enhancements adrift with earthy elements. However few and far between, such practitioners keep alive skill and thrill-seeking, with a sense of humor and of functionality all the same. In this case, I am referring to London-based Paul Cocksedge Studio, the internationally acclaimed design practice of directors Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho. Upholding utmost quality is their marble bookmark, a true sculptural marvel of integrity.

Its looks betray its name. Heavy to lift, difficult to carry, bigger than the book itself, this is no ordinary bookmark but a chiseled marble masterpiece. A book that braces its utter magnanimity is no longer ordinary but a beacon of veneration that offers the surroundings an air of admiration. Originally commissioned by Wallpaper for its 2012 ‘Handmade’ exhibition, this 93 kilos marble edition is an edifice of absolute innovation. In its aesthetic shines its simplicity. It carries no pretenses, just sheer usability.

Crafted from pieces personally selected by Paul Cocksedge, this exemplar of grandeur in Greek marble is priced at $4,100. And while its splendor can be erected on any floor surface, a 15 kg variant for tables is also available for $770.

[Via – Paul-Cocksedge-Shop]

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