Hoxton hotel, a luxury- budget option

Plans to stop by in London for business or pleasure, but worried about the soaring lodging prices by London standards – nightly rates average at £ 79 per room? Check out the Hoxton hotel, where urban living meets country lodge lounging, opened in London on Friday 1st September 2006. With roaring fires and cool cocktails, Frette linen and flat-screen TVs, sumptuous duck down duvets and free Wi-Fi, and amazing bar & restaurant the “Hoxton Grille”, Sinclair Beecham, founder of London’s first “luxury-budget” hotel, describes himself as a customer, not a hotelier. There is also free fresh milk and flat-screen televisions in all of the Hoxton’s 205 mostly double bedrooms. Another novel idea will see the Hoxton renting out unoccupied rooms for six hours during the day at a cost of £19, allowing people to use them as offices.

Newly-opened Hoxton Hotel was, until recently, running a £1 a night room promotion that sold out in a Justin Timberlake concert. Despair not. For £59 a night, the “urban lounge” is still a bargain. The Hoxton, dubbed a four-star hotel by Beecham and his investment partners, has modeled its price structure on the system used by budget airlines. The hotel is conveniently located within “staggering distance” from some of London’s best pubs and merely a “500m sprint away” from the gym. The Hoxton is Beecham’s first foray into the hotel world, to which he wants to bring a superior, well-designed experience at affordable prices.

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