lebua Hotel, Jaipur offers its guests an afternoon of Elephant Polo -a sport fit for royalty

Elephant polo brings to mind kings and princes sitting atop the lumbering elephants in their silks and finery and playing the sport. Elephant polo is not as fast paced as equestrian polo, but is a well-loved and entertaining sport.

lebua-Jaipur-elephant-polo-2Lebua Hotel, Jaipur offers its guests an afternoon of elephant polo on its sprawling grounds. Guests do not need to leave the hotel premises for this sport. It is pretty much similar to equestrian polo, the difference being that the canes are much longer, due to the size of the elephant. There are two people on each elephant, the mahout, who steers the elephant according to the command and the guest who is playing the game. Traditional polo has just one person on the horse during the game.

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lebua-Jaipur-elephant-polo-5Following an afternoon game of this royal sport, the guests can relax with a customized spa treatment, a dip in the pool or a scrumptious meal.




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District Jaipur, Rajasthan – 303012, India
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