Loews Hotels Bans Artificial Trans-Fats From It’s Menu

Health is wealth; keeping this adage in mind Loews Hotels announced that the company’s 18 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada would serve food free from all artificial trans-fats by June 1, 2007. The rigorous ban includes meals served at restaurants, room service, banquet functions, and even snack foods found in the in-room mini-bar. It is the first hotel brand in the U.S. to eliminate the use of artificial trans-fats. “We are mindful of our guests’ health and 100% committed to giving them the highest quality foods available,” said Jonathan M. Tisch, Chairman, and CEO of Loews Hotels. “We believe Loews Hotels’ artificial trans-fat ban will set a new standard for responsible food & beverage policy in the hospitality industry.” Guilty pleasures can still be indulged in as the chefs are being encouraged to experiment with alternative ingredients.

In the next six months, the hotel would have the complete overhaul in the menu in place. By Feb. 1, 2007, Loews Hotels will eliminate the use of trans-fats in all frying oils and French fries. On April 1, 2007, salad dressings, pastry items such as pie dough, fudge, and buttercream frosting, and other frozen foods will be trans-fat free. By June 1, the full ban takes effect, eliminating trans-fats from waffles, pancakes, and prepared mixes. There is enough evidence to prove a link between heart diseases and artificial trans-fats, thus the efforts from their part.

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