Shanghai Tower J-Hotel to be highest hotel in the world by 2014

Alongside Dubai, the far East has been paving their roads to build structures that fly beyond the clouds. After Hong Kong’s promise of the highest hotel by March when it will occupy floors 112 to 118 of the International Commerce Centre, Shanghai leaps a little higher for the same glory. By 2014, the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will be the tallest building in China, the second tallest in the world and the highest hotel in the world (that is a lot of titles to handle). It will have 121 stories and 2,073 feet tall and will occupy floors 84 to 110 and the lobby will be in between on the 101 floor. It will have a total of 258 guestrooms.

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Keeping up with an updated luxury theme, the hotel will display ultra-modern and uber classy blended with the richness of Chinese culture in its interiors. This is leading Chinese hotel group, Jin Jiang’s latest luxury brand and will be managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a joint venture between US-based private equity real estate firm Thayer Lodging Group and Shanghai’s Jin Jiang International Hotels Group Company Limited.

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